Organic Food Cost of Organic Food Health Values of Organic Food – Yes

There are some simple reasons why organic produce is really worth the money.  Information about this is readily available in newspapers, magazines and where ever people are interested in their own and their family’s health. 

Long term research has not yet established the effects on the human body of the chemicals used to force larger units of produce and more voluminous crops.  We cannot know the effect of what we ingest on future generations and how it might trigger mutations which are not beneficial or what other subtle changes it may cause within our systems. This research will take many decades. Already there are some individuals who are sensitive to certain materials which are added to the foods yet they are unable to identify why they have these reactions because the causes are not overtly present or added to labeling. Of course, these damaging mutations might be a source of population control. The power of certain international companies allows scientists to swing statistics in their favor even if they are not being down right dishonest. 

By adding pesticides, to grow monocultures because this allows for large quantities to be grown in one region, using large machinery, we are adding a strong poison to our food. Life is difficult enough without adding something harmful to our energy source.  Genetic engineering comes into this category with its identified weed killers and genes from other plants. Perhaps here it is worth mentioning the habit of giving meat products to herbivores, a possible cause of mad cow disease. 

The land suffers from the additions of large quantities of chemicals like nitrogen.  This works its way through the soil into the water table, polluting the waterways and increasing plant growth in them which can block out the light and air to the water thereby killing the other living animals and plants in the area. The north west of France has had considerable problems with poisonous algae on the beaches creating a gas which can kill. 

Food which is forced lacks the flavor and nutrition of organically grown foods. What taste is available is distributed throughout a bigger plant and does not develop the sweetness or unique flavor of that specimen.  

Animals which are ‘kept healthy’ by antibiotics, transmit the antibiotics in their meat and make the same medicine useless for the humans who eat it because the bacteria which are killed by it normally, adapt, and are no longer in danger. 

Producing food organically means physical work to hoe and remove weeds.  This requires man power.  Employees have to be paid.  Organic farming requires an understanding of how soil is formed and the natural ways of controlling pests and weeds. Using natures predators and keeping down plants which take the nutrition from the food plants means knowledge about the biology of plants and animals. 

Organic food costs a little more to produce.  The benefit to the consumers is safe food which has flavor and nutrition. 


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