Interesting Restaurants in Gaithersburg Maryland

Gaithersburg, Maryland is located in Montgomery County.  In this county are many interesting places to eat.  The great thing about most interesting restaurants are they are not too expensive.  There are some interesting restaurants that are a little too interesting to eat in and there are others that should not be passed up.  This article will focus in on two restaurants that would be considered the most interesting restaurants in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Probably the most notorious restaurant and most interesting restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland is Roy’s Place.  Roy’s place doesn’t look like much when you pass it and is not really advertised in any kind of special way, but if you find this place and decide to stop in for a bite to eat, you will find a gem of a restaurant.  You walk into this seemingly normal restaurant only to see all the cool stuff on the wall.  Then you are handed a menu with two hundred selections to choose from.  Getting through the menu probably takes the better part of a half hour if you are not familiar with Roy’s Place.  Francine the Obscene, Carol’s Crescendo, Dr. Ecker the Checker, and My Beautiful Bratwurst are some of the examples of the names of the sandwiches that they serve here.  Most of the sandwiches average around ten dollars and are well worth it.  The crab cake sandwich here will have you begging for more and will keep you coming back.  To top it off, they have a five decker club called the Scmender Bender.  For twenty-three dollars and five cents, this sandwich can be yours and you might want to share as it may be a little too much for one person to handle.  Roy’s Place is a cool place to go and definitely the most interesting restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Fuddruckers is another very interesting place in Gaithersburg.  If you have ever dreamed of eating a juicy, gigantic hamburger, Fuddruckers is the place to get it.  You almost have to use three hands to eat one of their hamburgers and the taste is out of this world.  Just the size of the hamburger makes this one very interesting restaurant.

These two places should be tried by anyone passing through Gaithersburg, Maryland and the experience will definitely viewed as an interesting one!


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