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I think we can all remember fondly our favorite neighborhood restaurants and places to hang out at that we’ve had available to us to meet our friends and family to socialize. 

Having a local place to eat can be a real delight whether it is located in a small community environment or even in a large city but a particular neighborhood that you live in or near. When a person thinks back about places they would go to as they were growing up; you can probably remember what your favorite dish was and how wonderful it tasted. The atmosphere was like a 2nd home and a 2nd family because it was familiar and we pretty much knew what to expect; it was predictable. These community gathering places are also where everyone finds out the “real behind the scenes” news as to what is going on with everyone. Who is moving, having a baby, getting married, when there will be a yard sale, donations are usually set up for someone in need. And of course if you are a teenager you think all of this predictability and scrutiny is too much! But when you get older it is a great reassurance at times. 

One of the side effects of having local restaurants go out of business or move out of our neighborhoods is how many people and other businesses this event has a ripple effect on. Of course the staff that worked there will all be left to find jobs elsewhere; as well as the patrons to find another favorite place to meet and eat and socialize. The other businesses and their employees that are effected are the vendors who may have sold them food, or provided linens or uniforms, or cleaning companies. If the restaurant was independently owned they most likely have received some type of relationship or even business loans from the nearby bank or credit union. If there are other types of businesses in the near vicinity; they also will be affected in the case that people would plan lunch or dinner at this restaurant and then shopping in the nearby stores after eating. 

Sometimes when it is a chain restaurant it can still feel like a home away from home, if we frequent it enough to know all the staff and also the other customers. Ask any young person today about their 1st jobs and they will probably tell you it was “flipping” burgers somewhere at one of the big chain fast food places. The smaller the community the more this usually happens. The chain restaurants can usually employ many of the community’s families and also have a financial effect on the vendors and other stores in the area. 

So when you head out to get a bite or set up a client meeting, or celebrate after a soccer tournament; remember that your support is needed in keeping the community in your area thriving. It is good to be a part of it all and to do what you can to contribute.


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