Easy Frozen Cocktails

Take the scorching heat, great friends gathered by the pool, add a frozen cocktail to your hand and you have the perfect summer day. Pina coladas, frozen margaritas and daiquiris are just a few of the frozen cocktails that refresh us during the dog days of summer. The simplest way to enjoy these refreshing treats is right at home and preparing them only requires a few essentials.

*Crushed ice
*Frozen glasses

Unless you possess a slushy machine, you will need a quality blender that has sharp blades. If planning on preparing more than one type of frozen cocktail, consider having more than one blender so that flavors don’t get mixed. If you only have one blender, always rinse it out before preparing a different flavored cocktail. For most recipes you will need a measuring cup, measuring spoons and a jigger. A shot glass can be used as the jigger and a long spoon will make mixing easier. If mashing of fruit such as limes will be required, you may consider purchasing a muddler which is fairly inexpensive.

It is obvious that the bigger and harder the cubes, the more difficult it will be to get the consistency desired for a frozen cocktail. Crushed ice and ice chunks can be purchased and ice cubes can be made at home. Ice chunks and cubes should be placed into a freezer bag and crushed down into smaller pieces. A rolling pin works well for the crushing process, using caution not to bust the bag.

The better the ingredients, the better the drink. The ingredients used will depend upon which cocktails you have chosen to prepare. Use fresh fruit and juices whenever possible for fruit-flavored cocktails. Many frozen cocktails require simple syrup which can be made right at home. Use equal portions of water and sugar. Bring the water to a boil and then add the sugar, stirring until dissolved. Remove from the heat and cool. The simple syrup can be placed in a squeeze bottle for easy use.

Different drinks use different types of alcohol and there are also pre-made mixers to make the process even smoother. Need a few choices to get you started? Hundreds of recipes are available right here on the internet and over two hundred choices are available at this site alone:


The deer killer and the Florida pina colada are my personal favorites.

The glasses should be well chilled in the freezer. Having a warm glass will melt the crushed ice turning a perfectly executed frozen cocktail into flavored water. The glass shape will vary depending upon the drink. Customary glasses include those with a v-shaped bowl or a tall, parfait style. Some frozen cocktails are also served in highball or hurricane glasses. There are no hard written rules about which should be used but try to use what is customary at professional bars or what style is recommended with the recipe.

Customarily the order of the ingredients would be liquor first, the mixer, fruit and last is the ice. This can also change depending upon the different ingredients required for the frozen cocktail. The last two steps to remember are the most important-relax and enjoy.


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