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New Yorkers, as in those who actually live in the city of New York, often exclaim, “You just can’t get a good slice of pizza outside of New York.”  This is one part machismo, one part accuracy, and one part inexperience.  Of course New Yorkers are going to say something great about their city, they always do.  It’s, “The greatest city in the world.”  And for the most part, they are right.  New York City pizza, at least those slices and pies purchased at one of the true local joints, is fantastic.  As far as big city pizza is concerned, only Chicago can put up a fight with New York.  However, it is the inexperience of the New Yorker who makes the claim, “You just can’t get a good slice of pizza outside of New York,” a false statement.

Few Manhattanites and outer borough residents know of Dino’s Pizza, in Albany, New York.  But those who do, often change their tune.  More than one Manhattanite has expressed the sentiment,”You just can’t get a good slice of pizza in New York.” Or, at the very least, “You can’t get a slice of pizza THIS good in New York.”

Dino’s Pizza is located at the corner of Madison Ave. and Delaware, located extremely close to all the Lark Street activities.  Parking nearby can be a pain in the butt, but most potential customers are going to be foot traffic anyway.  And for those pedestrians, the location is just about perfect.  Despite the tiny interior, this pizzeria is still hard to miss.

There are not a lot of seats inside the restaurant.  This is OK, as most are going to want to take their slices of pizza to go.  For those who do want to sit and eat at the source, the few tables and counters are at least clean.  Do not expect a lot of decoration, or much ambience.  

And now, for the pizza itself.  Dino’s will make just about any pizza one can think of, but the best choices are always from the pre-made pizzas.  There are plenty of options to choose from, for both vegetarians and meat eaters.  Carnivores will definitely want to try the barbecue chicken pizza.  It may very well be the tastiest slice in the galaxy.


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