Difference in Drinks using Filtered Water – Yes

Water, the very thing that gives almost all organisms life. While we drink it in one form or another, we seldom think about the difference between normal water and filtered water. I know that there is a difference as I often drink tea, sometime having to use regular water due to a used up filler. While it’s small, the problem is still there. The question is, why is this so? Here are a few reasons behind this.

It’s often believed that boiling cold water before using it kills any harmful microbes. This is true, but it doesn’t get rid of any foreign substances that might happen to be in it. This includes Fluoride or perhaps something else. While you might not see it, try splashing a bit of water onto a clear, clean glass and wait for it to evaporate. You will see residue left behind, proving that tap water isn’t as clean as you might think. The amount varies from place to place, while one place might be clean, another, like New York, would have less safe drinking water.

With filtered water, these things are not a problem. This is water without anything in it that might change the taste or look. No bacterica, no chemicals, no microbes, or anything else that might be in there. This allows anyone to taste the drink rather than what is hiding in the drink. It means when you use this water, you can fully taste the texture, taste, and aroma of the drink to its fullest. Some state it might be a psychological affect as people believe that filtered water would taste better because they think it would. This might have some merit, but I don’t believe it to be true.

As an adult, you often would drink the same kind of coffee or drink everyday. It’s when you get so used to drinking the same kind of drink you begin to taste subtle differences. There is a subtle difference in taste between the two drinks with one as tap. This is due to the previously mentioned substances lurking within the water. While it may not be enough for the first time drinkers, someone who casually drinks, it’s enough for them to say filtered is better. I should know, I tried it myself with green tea.

While many people might not agree with that, there are also other people who might. Until there is a scientific study to prove this, there is no real way to prove it as fact and it can only be deemed as an opinion. Even so, I strongly believe that filtered water improves the taste of any tea or coffee. If you have doubts, compare two cups of your favorite drink with one of them having tap water and the other with filtered water. You’ll be amazed by the difference.


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