Commercial Taste like Home Food

Fast food is what it says it is, fast food and it need not be burgers and Big Mac’s and other items often eaten at fast food restaurants. Fast food, in the purest sense of the description, is food that can be prepared quickly. It takes minutes in  preparation and can be eaten a couple of minutes later. The fastest food is food that can be eaten quickly and the most popular is burgers. In frozen food sections of supermarkets are burgers made out of vegetables. The taste is similar to that of beef burgers.

 *A salad bought at McDonald’s is fast food but so is a salad bought at the supermarket that has already been washed, chopped and ready to be eaten. All that is necessary to select a dressing and a few other additions such as cheese bits, nuts, olives, and whatever else.

*Veggie burgers bought from the frozen food section at the store and microwave is fast food. All is needed is a bun, a slice of cheese, a slice of tomato, a pickle,  and a little mayonnaise.

+Salmon burgers purchased in the frozen food sections and broiled for a few minutes and placed on bun is fast food. Add lettuce, tomato or whatever else makes it a healthy fast food for lunch or for a kid’s after school snack.

*Sausage and Biscuits  that take only minutes in the microwave to thaw, is certainly fast food. These are good at breakfast time when children have only five or ten minutes to eat. They can eat these on the way to the bus stop, if they are running late.  

*Cooked shrimp that is purchased frozen and comes with sauce, is a healthy fast food. It need only room temperature water to thaw in a few minutes. There is no need for further cooking. This is especially inviting at impromptu parties.

*Pizza is fast food when purchased in the frozen food department and is baked in a hot 400 degree oven for about fifteen minutes. It is even faster when it is left over from the previous night’s pizza party. It need only be warmed by a minute in the microwave.

*Cold cuts from the deli department is fast food. Varieties of cold meats of every description are purchased at stores making food preparation easier. A party can be laid out on the buffet in less than fifteen minutes if one is pressed for time. Most of the work will be in washing and cutting up the vegetables and opening the jars of olives, pickles and bringing out the tooth picks and dicing the bar of cheese.

Actually, the microwave has made fast food out of most food. Frozen meats can  be safely defrosted and chicken tenders and pork chops and burgers can be under the broiler in minutes and ready to eat. And what can be faster than buying a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket, a container of fresh vegetables already cooked and a pot of potato salad. Fast food is  good and healthy food where preparation will take only minutes.  And don’t forget the multitude of canned foods that may need only to be heated.


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