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Different Styles of African Food and Restaurants

African cuisine is rich in its diversity and bountiful in it’s harvest. Traditional foods are prepared in enticing ways, using traditional ingredients sumptuously blended with modern ones. The exciting thing about African food is as suggested in the title, “different styles”, which debunks the myth that Africa, on a historical and cultural level, can be […]

Difference between Sea Salt and Table Salt

Salt has been used for thousands of years as a valuable product because of its ability to preserve and to season food.  Salt is also an essential mineral for aiding the human body to operate. Are sea salt and table salt the same? The answer to that question is no, sea salt and table salt […]

Crab Delight

The finished meal that this recipe produces will tantalize your taste buds and leave your tummy very happy. Our family seafood soup recipe originated in Norway several generations ago and started with only seafood, milk, potatoes, onions, butter, salt and pepper. The ingredients can be varied to suit your taste. My wife thinks carrots add […]

Commercial Taste like Home Food

Fast food is what it says it is, fast food and it need not be burgers and Big Mac’s and other items often eaten at fast food restaurants. Fast food, in the purest sense of the description, is food that can be prepared quickly. It takes minutes in  preparation and can be eaten a couple […]

Cooking and Baking at Higher Elevations

Mountain and high elevation areas provide challenges for cooks. Cakes, stews, breads and even candies prepared in areas with elevations greater than 3000 feet may fail unless modifications are made to the recipes. Elevations of 5000 or 7000 feet provide additional challenges.  Here is a guide to baking and cooking at high elevations. Foods Cooked […]

Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

If you are a tea lover yourself, it will be even more fun picking out a great Christmas gift for the tea lover on your list.  The ideas are endless, and it is a joy to shop for tea and other related items. My sister and I are great tea lovers, and whenever we could […]

Cookbook Recommendations for Low Fat Cooking

Ever feel guilty when eating that late night snack, or eating a slice of cake after dinner? For those of us who just can’t say no there is an alternative to use while baking and cooking you favorite goodies. For years my mother told me to use plain applesauce instead of vegetable oil when baking […]

Boiling Water in Microwave

The first time I heard about someone heating up water in the microwave only to have it explode upon retrieval I thought that surely this was some urban myth. However upon subsequent research I discovered not only that it can happen, but it will happen unless a few precautions are taken. Let’s get the obvious […]

Pasta Grains Rice

According to Wikipedia, the bagel (or sometimes beigel) first originated in Poland and has Jewish origins. It made its way to New York in the 1880s, where it became popular before spreading across the world. It is made by mixing the dough, chilling it overnight and then boiling it before it is finally baked in […]