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Dessert Ideas

Here is a recipe that has been passed down in my family and is almost always at every family gathering. A light, cool and refreshing layered dessert with a shortbread crust that is easy to make. A great way to end any meal, whether it be a holiday gathering or a barbecue. You can also […]

Easy Meals using Spring Ingredients

It is difficult to imagine the relief that people in the past must have felt when early spring crops came into season. After a long winter of heavily salted meats, supplemented by few, if any, vegetables taste buds must have drooled like soft April rains. The lighter fare of spring, with its clean tasting and […]

Easy Asian Grilled Tofu Salad

Asian Grilled Tofu Salad is an easy, healthy alternative to the boring tossed salad. Even better than a regular broccoli slaw salad is this version with grilled, marinated tofu squares. Tofu is a high in protein and absorbs the flavors around it, making it great marinated and grilled. To start, you will need a carton […]

Difference between Kosher Salt and Iodized Salt

Difference between Kosher salt and Iodized salt… *The difference between Kosher salt and Iodized salt: Iodized salt has a uniform crystal structure because it has been milled, while Kosher salt is a flakey multifaceted crystalline structure because it is not heavily refined. If you would put these salts under a microscope, Kosher salt looks like a series […]

Creative Dishes using Spinach

Dark, delicious, feathery and nutritious… if spinach were a man, you’d want to dance with him, then marry him. But what do you do with spinach besides making the same old salad? Well, fresh spinach has a slight bitterness that can point up the sweetness of other vegetables, especially in the depths of winter, when […]

Common Garden Herbs to use in your Cooking

The first question to ask when starting a kitchen herb garden is “What should I grow”? Well, grow the herbs that you frequently use for cooking and teas, but be aware of the cardinal rule of herb gardening; herbs need sun, and a lot of it. If you plan to grow your kitchen herb garden […]

A look at value for Money for Kfc Family Packs

Our family loves KFC! Not that we have it all that often – maybe two or three times a year on average. It’s a real treat. On the anniversary of my mother’s birthday the year after she passed away we bought a family pack to take on a picnic. That was of those memorable family […]

Primeur Wines and how to Purchase them

The primeur investment wines as an example  The Bordeaux inhabitants know very little actually about what primeur wines are. It stands to reason that they do know why Bordeaux is so well-known worldwide and also why they cannot afford the great Bordeaux wines !  This said, they do not even know what primeur wines mean, […]