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Difference between Scotch and Whiskey

If you believe there’s no difference between whiskey and Scotch, don’t say it out loud in front of a Scotsman – at least, not if you value your health. While whiskey is a certain type of spirit that can be brewed all over the world in various ways, only whiskey produced and matured in Scotland can […]


This recipe will reveal how to make a simple yet a very successful Chocolate Mousse. You need: 6 Eggs200 gram bitter chocolate (notice that the chocolate must not contain any milk).A breeze of salt. Instructions:Step 1. Melt the chocolate. One simple way to do this is to take two pots. One of the pots should […]

Cake Recipes

‘SIMNEL CAKE’ is a very old English treat. Making it, has become a tradition especially for Easter. There are some regional differences around the country, but they are all pretty similair. They have all been passed down through families, from one generation to the next over many years. The Simnel cake is a true Easter […]

Best Kitchen Gadgets

Gadget, meaning a device to be used for a particular purpose. In the kitchen this can mean a drawer full of gadgets, egg separator, peeler, garlic press, and on and on. Young people today think that every time a new gadget comes on the market and if they don’t have one, their kitchen will not […]

Differences between Vodka and Rum

Vodka and rum – particularly white rum – are popular cocktail ingredients. They also make great thirst-quenching long drinks. Think vodka and tonic or lemonade, or Bacardi and Coke, and you get the picture. While these two spirits have some things in common, the two spirits are very different drinks. The main difference between vodka and […]

Dinos Pizza

New Yorkers, as in those who actually live in the city of New York, often exclaim, “You just can’t get a good slice of pizza outside of New York.”  This is one part machismo, one part accuracy, and one part inexperience.  Of course New Yorkers are going to say something great about their city, they […]

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

I love deep fried chicken, whether it’s the thigh, breast, or wing, and by following this recipe, you’ll know why! You don’t have to spend an extra dime buying some over-seasoned breading mixture, and the preparation is so easy you’ll be smacking your lips in no time! DEEP FRIED CHICKEN WINGS (OR ANYTHING CHICKEN…) 1-2 […]

Diet Health Organic Foods Ecology

The difference between natural and organic food, It often comes down to your best judgment. Eating local matters because it can substantially reduce your carbon footprint, it also encourages healthier, cruelty free, and non toxic foods.  But how can you be sure something labeled “all natural or organically grown” is organic or natural?  It really […]

Coffee Making Simplified

Coffee making is an exceptional art that today’s society utilize on a daily basis to get that morning pick me up and keep us going all day long. Knowing what kind of coffee maker brings you personalized desirable results, makes all the difference. 1. Bunn Coffee Makers A. Brewing Method: Bunn have their own unique, […]