Best Kitchen Gadgets

Gadget, meaning a device to be used for a particular purpose. In the kitchen this can mean a drawer full of gadgets, egg separator, peeler, garlic press, and on and on.

Young people today think that every time a new gadget comes on the market and if they don’t have one, their kitchen will not function without it.

Throughout my years of cooking I have tried myself some of these gadgets and found that the best gadgets in the kitchen are the ones that I was born with.

Thats right, my hands have been the best gadgets that I find in the kitchen. They can mix, stir, and measure without taking up any counter space or drawer space. They have been used over and over. They are old, tired and wrinkled by now, but they are still very reliable and work well most of the time.

The only assistants these gadgets need at times are the ones that have been around for a long time and that is a wooden spoon or a good whisk.

The next time you are in your kitchen, look around in your drawers if you can and try saying to yourself hand or gadget. For example: that garlic press (that is so hard to clean), I would have to say hand. It is much easier to smash it with your hand and a large knife than it is to clean that garlic press. Another good example would be that silly little device that they put in lemons or oranges for juicing. By the time you get it in the fruit you have lost half the juice. And that food processor that is taking up all that counter space, do you know with the proper knife and a good set of hands you can slice and dice faster that it takes to set that thing up.

Okay I admit there are some really cool gadgets and they can be very appealing and maybe even a little helpful. If you have the counter space and the drawer space to store all of these gadgets then go ahead and try them.

I will stick to my story and my convictions that the best kitchen gadgets are the ones right at the end of your arms. Hands were given to us to use, for all kinds of jobs.

So the next time you are in your kitchen mixing and dicing and wishing there was an easier way, look down at those hands of yours and see if they don’t work better than some of those silly little gadgets that you are trying to use.


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